Measure A Penis Day: The Holiday You Didn’t Know You Needed

Does size actually matter? When it comes to condoms, it absolutely does.

While the ongoing joke is that magnum-sized dicks are always the most desirable, that’s not always the case- and trust me, I would know. The average vagina is just under 4 inches deep, while the average penis is over 5 inches long. I may have failed every math class I took in college, but you can clearly see that going balls deep like every porn ever filmed shows is not always pleasurable, or even realistic.

While there are exceptions to the rule (shout out to you, OG Mudbone), the problem with most penises aren’t that they’re too big for normal condoms, it’s that they’re too small.  It’s true, condoms sold in stores properly fit only 12% of condom users. In fact, as a non-penis-owner, I was unaware that there’s a whole plethora of condom fitting issues that are rarely discussed.

But that’s changing with Measure a Penis Day.

MyONE Perfect Fit Condoms is a brand removing the shame of penis measuring to make sure there’s a proper fit for all. Gone are the days of metaphorical (and literal) pissing matches in the locker room over who has the longest schlong, here is the era of of body positivism for both women and men.

In fact, this condom company encourages partners to measure together as a way for both to not only become educated on what the proper fit should be, but to show that intimacy isn’t always about sex, it’s about vulnerability and acceptance. That’s something we can all, uh, get excited about.

You can buy individual condoms, or subscribe to their service to for discounts here.

This article was written in paid collaboration.

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