Ashley Gross

Current senior at East Carolina University, graduating in December 2018 and looking to work in the social media, digital communications, and advertising fields. I'm passionate about online community, SEO, and creative copywriting. If I was on the hit MTV Show "NEXT", my three bullet points would be: - Once was hit by a car and didn't drop her Jimmy Johns - Went to fat camp (twice) - Starred in a Spanish Version of a MidSummer Nights Dream (without speaking Spanish) What do these seemingly random facts have in common? My ability to overcome any obstacle I face with grace, finesse, and tenacity (and maybe a little luck). Contact me today with your best challenge.

Thot Piece: Are We Commercializing Emotion?

Relationship marketing is the concept that brands as an entity want to communicate and foster a sense of community and acceptance with the consumer- but does this message get tainted by the fact they’re selling a product? The idea that there is no ethical consumption under capitalism because the message is tainted by an ulterior […]