Holiday gift guide: practical adult bullshit

So you’re on your own for the first time (maybe ever) and with the pandemic you’re spending more time (hopefully) at home. You’ve realized you need some basic things you’ve put off buying because let’s be honest, buying stuff you need is not nearly as much as buying stuff you want. Here are some great deals to help stomach spending money on practical bullshit a little easier, or send to your parents for an easily holiday gift guide so you can continue to waste your paychecks on wants.

Airfryer/Instant Pot Combo

Air Fryer and Pressure Cooker

This Ninja combo does it all–cooks an entire meal in 13 minutes, crisps up left overs to restaurant quality, and much more. Plus, it’s up to 73% healthier than traditional frying, making it an easy way to lose that quarantine 15. If your New Years resolution is going to be not eating out for almost every meal, this is something I can’t recommend enough.

buy it here (normally $229, on sale for $119)

Mixing Bowl Set

If you don’t have measuring cups and a mixing bowl, you’re failing adulthood. Please for the love of God get something that allows you to make a recipe that doesn’t have to be microwaved. Plus, for less than $10 this (hopefully) shouldn’t break the bank.

buy it here (currently $9.96)

Non-stick cookware set

I get it, cooking is a bitch, and having to clean up is even worse. Skip the worst part and get not stick cookware so the mess literally slides off instead of having to soak. Plus, with multiple pots, it’s not the end of the world if you choose to let a few sit in the sink for a few days.

snag it here (Usually $50 on sale for $36)

Streaming Device

I have used my ex-boyfriend’s best friend’s dad’s Netflix account since 2015 so I won’t give you shit for not owning your own streaming accounts, but I will give you shit for not turning your tv into a smart tv yet. With a Roku or Amazon firestick, have all your streaming services at your fingertips and ditch cable for extra free channels. I recommend going the Firestick route if you have an Alexa device for being able to pause, queue up and other features with the sound of your voice

buy here (normally $49, on sale for $29)

A Decent fucking vaccum

Cleaning fucking sucks, but you don’t live in college anymore, and framed negative pregnancy tests can’t count as decor. Make your life much easier by investing in a decent vacuum that will suck all the sins from your floors.

get here (normally $299, on sale for $199)


Until I was 26 years old I truly though all socks were the same. You could buy them in a 20 pack from Walmart and that was that. I’m here to say I was wrong and my eyes have been opened by how badly you need good socks. Bombas may be pricey, but you’ll want to keep your toes warm, feet non-smelly and feel like you’re walking on a cloud 24/27.

my pick here (currently 20% off the entire site)


Turning 26 and not being able to afford dental insurance, I cannot imagine how much a whitening treatment would be. Don’t let your smile suffer–these Crest whitening strips work great and are on mega sale currently. Use the treatment strips for regular whitening and the express as a touch up between treatments

cop it here (usually $50, on sale for $28)

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